Collecting and reporting high quality & credibility data on CTO patients and procedures in Israel.

RISCC Definitions and Main Protocol Components

Patients’ enrollment

Inclusion criteria

Exclusion criteria

RISCC Participant’s Obligations


Participant undertakes to comply with transparency and accuracy of the reported cases (incl. number, classification, complications, failures and deferred cases).


Allowed to participate only dedicated CTO operators, conducting a specialized CTO clinic for patients’ evaluation and follow up and performing at least 12 CTO PCI attempts per year.


Prerequisites for participation are: protocol approval by local ethic board (Helsinki), acceptance and adherence to the protocol, utilization of hybrid approach with dual injections, transparency, readiness to disclose any of the reported cases, maximal data upload to CRF.

RISCC Participant’s Commitment Statement

I agree to comply with the above obligations of the Registry Participant and I promise to act in good faith and in full accordance to them. I agree and undertake to comply with the above protocol and patient enrollment criteria.